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Centre Console
Fishing Boats Marine 34'

Most classic Allmand boats built from the 1960s through today are still on the water providing in enjoyment to the original or used owners. Virtually of our early boats as early as from 1964 are collected and restored to their original condition condition. We build our panga boats today the same way we did in the past. we figure why mess with success. Building the time tested way means our hulls could last a lifetime. Allmand boats offers custom-made to order designs for every model listed on the website.


Length 10.3m
Width 2.7m
Depth 0.98m
Power 100-500hp
Weight 3300 lbs
Price $34,900.00

Standard Equipment

Cuddy console or centre console 1
Anchor storage at bow 1
Storage at stern 2
S/S rails 1
Tow hooks at transom and bow 2
Self bailing 2
Keel with foam under deck 1
Nav Lights and Fuse Panel 1
Electric wiper 1


Quantity Price
Small cabin one driver seat 1 $1,800.00
Large cabin with door 1 $3,500.00
Stand or box seat with cushion 1 $488.00
Battery 1 $200.00
Bimini T-TOP (stainless steel or Alumium tube) 1 $600.00
Fishing Storage on deck 0.2M3 1 $520.00
Steering system (Hydraulic for one engine) 1 $1900.00
Steering system (Hydraulic for two engines) 1 $1,000.00
300L fuel tank (Aluminum) 1 $1900.00
Twin alxe trailer with brake 1 $7,200.00